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Aging lamps and dirty fixtures and room surfaces can reduce total illumination by 50% or more.

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Save substantial money through reduced energy use.  In today’s world of rising energy costs, it’s vital to take advantage of the latest in energy saving lighting technology. The use of skylights and new energy efficient lighting can offer many cost saving advantages.

Utility companies are giving rebates to companies who upgrade their lighting.  Additionally, generous tax savings programs are being offered by the government to encourage business owners to upgrade to new energy efficient lighting. To find out what rebates or government programs you are entitled to, take advantage of our free audit of your facility. 

Many warehouses have inefficient and outdated lighting, and are very likely to benefit from advances in energy-efficient technology. Today’s improvement in lighting equipment and skylights can deliver the same amount of light using far less wattage, making a retrofit very cost effective.

Just changing the fixtures in your facility will result in a 50% savings on your utility bill, which translates into a quick return on your investment:

Total Hours of Operation: Recover installation cost in:
8-12 hours a day 16 months
16 hours a day 12 months
24 hours a day 4-7 months

With a redesign , you will save even more on your utility bill by taking advantage of things like natural lighting through the use of skylights, occupancy sensors, and light sensors.

There are other advantages to a lighting redesign or retrofit.  Better lighting for your operations translates into a safer workplace, and it can even impact morale.  It’s time to replace those ancient lighting fixtures – you’ll be amazed at the difference the right light for the right task can make. By adding skylights to your facility, you can take advantage of natural lighting and enjoy additional cost savings.

Our Resources pages can help you calculate your potential savings.  Then take a look at our Services pages to get started.