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As a nation, we spend about one-quarter of our electricity budget on lighting, or more than $37 billion annually.

Services – Overview

There are a number of ways that DESCO can help improve your lighting technology and your bottom line.  We offer services ranging from retrofits to redesigns to help upgrade your inefficient lighting to newer, energy-efficient lighting.

We will visit your facility and determine whether you would benefit most from a retrofit or a redesign.  We will also determine your eligibility for utility company rebates and tax savings government programs that are designed to encourage businesses to upgrade to newer lighting technology.

Desco can also help by offering maintenance of your exisitng lighting to help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. Get started today by having Desco Lighting help with your lighting needs. 



A new generation of lighting technology is available today. This new technology can deliver the same amount of light using far less wattage. A lighting retrofit replaces your inefficient lighting with new, money saving lighting products.
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A lighting redesign offers many options for upgrading your building with new, energy-efficient lighting. We will evaluate your current lighting and identify more efficient ways to light your building by using new lighting technology.
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Maintaining your lighting system is important to keep it working as efficiently as possible. Over time, dust and dirt accumulates on fixtures and results in a loss of light. Let Desco help with your lighting maintenance to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.
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Maintenance Request

Contact Desco today to schedule maintenance for the lighting in your facility. We are here to help with a maintenance schedule that works for your company.
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Rebate/Savings Analysis

Many rebate programs are offered to help customers upgrade inefficient lighting to new improved efficient lighting. Let Desco help by assessing your current lighting and determining how you can begin saving today.
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